• Your style matters.

    A new(built) house, an old building, a penthouse, an apartment big or small, perhaps a welcoming hotelroom or 'just' a new interior? Are you considering a make-over or full renovation? Perhaps in need of a happy (home) office?


    We are Greenberg+Oaktree. Nice to meet you. We can provide you with a fresh and friendly approach to interior design. May we help you?


    We love to create unique interior design concepts, whether it’s your own home, a non-furnished lease home, an office space, a restaurant, a shop or hotelroom, it’s all about the experience.


    Greenberg+Oaktree for interior design and realisation. Although based in Amsterdam, we operate globally.


  • Our projects

    We will direct you to our Dutch section for an impression of the projects we have been working on. Due to the privacy of our clients, we cannot show all our work. But of course we can tell you all about it during an intake consult.

  • Our approach

    Greenberg+Oaktree have a keen eye on what is trendy yet timeless, luxurious yet affordable and new yet sustainable. What you like or don't like is always our main focus point. Be prepared for an unexpected personal journey that will bring you new comfort zones. This way we always present unique proposals that place you and/or your space in the center of attention.


    In addition, our partner teams can -if desired- help you with the realisation/execution of our design plans.

    From A to Z. With an eye for detail. Under our creative direction. For example, our external partner teams can provide (finish) construction management or project management and take care of the supervision of suppliers and professionals. Or you can let our styling team put together a complete shopping list. We have a fine network and therefore work with a fixed pool of good, experienced people who, just like us, have an eye for aesthetics and deliver the quality and functionality that we consider important. Of course you can also choose to take care of the realisation yourself. Everything is possible. Just let us know. And we can make a plan together.


  • What people say about us

    Caroline & Paul - Amsterdam

    "We really need to have the living room painted," said Paul, who felt that everything had to be refurbished! But in what color combination? There was no answer ... We had asked a quote by three different painters with the thought: choose a painter and choose the colours. Unfortunately, the time ticked and we could not make any decision. One year later we drove to the hardware store on a rainy morning to pick up some color samples. But once we got home and put the color samples against the walls and on the top of the paintings, we did not get out yet. Sigh. Were to start, again?
    Eventually we were lucky to find Greenberg + Oaktree. An appointment was made smoothly and there the ladies stepped in with bags full of color samples. After two hours of talking the ladies, it became more clear we actually were in need of more than just some color advice. They just pushed all the right buttons to help us make our home warm an an more comfortable to our own taste and style.

    "If two ladies come to my house for an hour of color advice, I am now in the middle of the complete renovation of the living room," Paul laughed during lunch at work.

    The project started of with plastering, painting and tiling. Everything beautifully presented in a well-developed plan with an accompanying mood board. We particularly liked that, because it gave us the grip we were looking for. What we are particularly happy about is that everything is so nicely in balance, customised to our needs. The colours of the walls, the window decoration and the new layout. Everything fits well together. We had 'never never' come up with these ideas and plans, or we had not dared to go for color choice/combinations. So every day we are very, very happy with the result!'


    Maarten - Paris, France

    " Ok, so you move from Amsterdam to Paris for a new job. You have about 5 days to settle in, get a bank account, social security and all the bureaucracy. From a bare apartment to a design home in just three days? Just fly in Greenberg+Oaktree and they get it done. Eclectic resources from online second hand stores, designer outlets (yes in Paris, and they can handle a pretty damn bargain, even with the French), the occasional IKEA but overall they have a coherent dictate on style. Six months after I moved, a colleague commented: "Wow, I can't believe you're already this well installed". Little did she know it had only taken three days. Call me lazy, but I could not think of an urgent thing to finish since. Daan and Eel... you rock!.​"

    Claas - Pattaya, Thailand

    ""Since these ladies took over, my house became a home. Finally things feel balanced and in the right order around us. Would definitely recommend them!"

    Katja & Oscar - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Brilliant styling ideas - combining old and new, design and mainstream. And a light plan at last! Luxurious living doesn't need a huge investment - just some attention and TLC from these ladies will do the magic!



    Don't be afraid to reach out. You+us = awesome.

    Good to know: our intake consults are initially not for free; we charge a minimum fee from € 350,00 excluding BTW and travelexpenses to cover our time (1,5 hour visit) and costs; we only charge this if there is no follow up project/assignment. An intake consult is a profound visit, including an extensive de-brief and possible approach/scope of our services/workload. Besides we want to be free to share thoughts and advise during the consulation. Thanks for understanding.


    ANOTHER NOTE: at the moment we do not have any vacancies or internships available.

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