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From helping friends to becoming a company

"In need of two interior designers?" Just a question to two friends in Amsterdam. Well, just .... It is October 10th 2015. At that time we are staying somewhere in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. And these friends just send a video of their new apartment a few quarters away. "Well, if you like ... please!" Six weeks later we are standing in an empty house in the 6th district (très Rive Gauche). Another four days later it is fully furnished.

Elish and I share a passion for travel, interior design, architecture and fashion. Since childhood I’ve been re-modelling the rooms of my friends and upon entering a room I can’t stop myself from realising what (still) could be improved. And Elish has been dreaming for years of styling a mid-century villa or building a beach house out of containers. And we regularly restyle our own interiors. But all this does not automatically mean that you are able to jointly decorate other people's apartments - from A to Z and without a single cross word. But we did! And when I say from A to Z, I mean creating and filling a joint online mood board, purchasing beautiful carpets and accessories via Ebay, having hilarious email exchanges about what is beautiful and what is not, walking the streets of Paris in the poring rain with Kartell chairs on our head by means of umbrella, drilling, art placement, trying not to fuss over the pretty large flat screen that suddenly gets deliverd, sourcing flea markets for the finest lamps, losing the screwdriver more than once and driving to IKEA for all the basics twice. IKEA? Yes, IKEA. Because it has good stuff to accompany your design pieces. Or just to ensure that you can eat your food of a normal plate during the first days. And then suddenly the apartment was "finished". While in the meantime we had already gained so many new ideas. With which we decorated 10 imaginary houses... And why stop after this first "assignment"? So here we are, over a year and a number of successful jobs further. And now there is Greenberg+Oaktree.

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Written by Daniella Groenberg.